Beach talks with Marquita are psycho edutainment. These are not a replacement for therapy.
Men were made to protect and provide for their family. Leave and cleave is the saying for when the get married and become the head of their household. It is not archaic thinking it is mainly the way they are wired. Men express themselves with a different love language! Often men feel inadequate when they are unable to provide or protect the ones they love. Prince Harry is a man, husband, father and has made the decision to provide and protect them away from the scrutiny his dear mother Princess Diana went through. Prince Harry is a strong advocate for mental health and if moving is good for him, his wife Megan Markel and their son’s mental health allow him to be the man he was raised to be! No stigma just getting away from the toxicity of those that are not supportive! Are you stifling the men in your life?
Hopefully this was helpful, I know we all struggle with different things from time to time. Please share the video! You never know who it could assist.